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November 7, 1999

I recently purchased this patch on eBay.  As a collector of Canal Zone memorabilia for many years, I have never seen this particular patch.  If there is anyone out there that can tell me about this patch, please e-mail me.  I am very curious to know if this is an authentic patch or one of the many bogus CZ collectibles in the market today.  This particular patch has a plastic-like coating on the back, which was not common at all with the older patches.  The embroidery is much better than that on my 1950 vintage CZ Police triangular patches.  I don't know.  I hope to prove that this patch is authentic or bogus.  If it is authentic, great!!  A new patch for the collection.  If it is bogus, I want to get word out to all not to buy one if they see one for sale.  The interesting thing about this patch is the triangle symbol in the center of the patch.  The CZP patch used in the 50-60's was triangular (click here).  This led me to believe that this could very well be authentic and was used by the CZP Guard force.  See the newer Guard patches (click here).  Let me know what you think.

March 16, 2010.  Email from CZ Images visitor:

Hi Bill,

The red triangular Guard patch was worn by non US Citizen guards at the Gamboa and Gatun prisons, as well as the Guards at the jails in Balboa and Cristobal. I saw many of these patches, as when I lived on the Atlantic side, it was common the see the guards picking up food for the prisoners.

Jim Robertson


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