Photo of the Week
October 30, 2022

Mouth watering time!!  I did not know about the La Boca Bakery until I came across this photo today.  I seems like they had a full operation there to support the community of La Boca.  There were lots of people live there in 1948 and had a clubhouse, schools, etc.  Just like the bakery at Mt. Hope and all the individual Canal Zone Clubhouses, the Panama Canal's Supply Division was a very large food producer.  La Boca was a Silver town and supported it's own population.  The lady is carrying a tray of empanadas which resemble the typical West Indian style.  I could down one of those right now!  In addition, on the racks to the left are the famous "Sticky Bunn" that was sold in all the clubhouses.  What a monster cinnamon bun and one of my favorites.  I haven't found one to match to this day.  Lots of bread and pastries fill up the rest of the bakery racks.

What a wonderful trip down memory lane.  Long live our Canal Zone history.


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