Photo of the Week
September 28, 2014

I found this great old photo while continuing to sort and catalog the many old photos I have. There used to be an old road that ran behind the town of Corozal back in the day.  There was still remnants of this old road in existence when we use to run around  looking for old stuff.  We found the old road starting off of Fort Clayton then through Cardenas (which was removed when they built Cardenas then along the ridge line above the road going into Cardenas through the jungle up behind the Corozal Vet Clinic and ending up connecting to the road behind the large cement barracks in Corozal.  I imagine this was the same road that went though Diablo Terrace and around the hill into Albrook.  In the days before Albrook was filled in, the road followed the edge and around the swamp.  The road eventually went into Panama City.  Well the photo of the week this week is part of this old road.  As you can see the caption under the photo says, " Old Corozal Road, back of Corozal - Feb. 1917.  This 8 x 10 photo is in a photo album and the page it is mounted to has hand writing, "The only place we could go car riding."  I don't know who the people are in the car, but there is a man in a white shirt, tie and jacket and has a cigarette in his left hand.  There is an attractive lady sitting in the back seat in white and wearing a hat.  It appears they stopped here by this little creek bridge to have their photo taken.  The license plate has M over P 3. Coming up behind them on the road are two horse pulled wagons approaching.  Below is a zoom in on the car.

What a great old photo!

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