Photo of the Week
October 14, 2012

This week's photo is a beautiful old sepia print.  In the past I have posted photos of the Paraiso swing bridge and ferry.  Through the years it was necessary to keep some kind of way to get trains to and from the West Bank of the Canal.  Remember most of the old construction towns and the original Panama Railroad were on the West Bank.  This is a grand photo showing a dirt train heading over to the East Bank with a load.  I am not sure what date this photo would have been taken, but the bridge appears to be a permanent structure and not the pontoon swing bridge.   There is a lift sectional bridge in the middle to move dredges or other water craft through.  The pontoon bridge will replace this one soon enough.  The cut is now flooded. 

Although the photo is in poor condition, it is truly and nice capture in time.

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