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December 30, 2018

While on the subject of old wooden schools in the Canal Zone (two weeks ago), I came across this photo in my 8 x 10 inch photo album.  It is an official PCC photo and the building is the old Diablo Heights Elementary School.  

From the Panama Canal Review - March 5, 1954

"In July of 1939 it was decided to that the area called Camp Diablo would become Diablo Heights and would be the headquarters for the Special Engineering Division, with two office buildings for the planning staff and quarters for about 280 employees.  The office buildings, two 32-room bachelor quarters, twelve 12-family houses, 65 cottages, ten 10-family buildings and garage buildings were all to be built with funds allocated to the SIP, or Special Improvement Projects.

The fast-growing force, however called for roofs over more people's heads and additional barracks and more 12-family houses were added.

On February 5, 1940, the town was designated officially as Diablo Heights.

A commissary was opened in May of that year and the post office the first of the following month.  The Diablo began sessions in September 1940, with 210 pupils."  

With all the above information, we now have a time-line and a date that this school pictured above opened.  The picture above was taken in 1959 before the new concrete Diablo Elementary School was built and opened.  After the new concrete school was built, this school was turned into a Jr. High School until Curundu Jr. High school was built.  I attended the school above when it was a Jr. High School.  I think the old building is still standing today according to Google Maps aerials

As I close the last photo of the week for 2018, I will all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hopes that 2019 will be better.


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