Photo of the Week
February 18, 2001

Here is a classic photo of the downtown Balboa area. This 1950's vintage postcard was taken before the split the earth island in the foreground making the new La Boca road.  The cement area in the foreground was still just a parking lot for the churches.  Note the Knights of Columbus with the American flag flying high.  The Panama Canal Pilots building, Christian Science Building and then the Canal Zone Credit Union can be seen.  In the distance, St. Mary's school and the YMCA.  And then the most significant item in this picture, is the Boy Scouts of America Statue of Liberty on the earth island.  The statue stood here for many years until it was moved in front of Balboa fire station when they made the new La Boca road. 

What a great old photo from the "Golden Days" of the Canal Zone.  May we never forget our Canal Zone heritage!

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