Photo of the Week
July 11, 2010 

This week we are going to take and intermission from the Muybridge photos to assist a CZ Images visitor that is researching information about the Savage pistol shown above and below.  If any visitor has information that may be helpful to Martin, please let me know.  See Martin's information:

"I have attached couple of pictures showing both sides. This pistol was produced on 21 Jan 1913, four days after the first .380.  Savage records indicate it was shipped to CPT Barber as original consignee on 4 Apr 1913 but records do not indicate a ship to address. I believe these pistols were sent from one of three east coast ports, NY being one of them. A total of 115 pistols were purchased by CPT Barber and send  to him in multiple shipments. Since Washington DC canal purchasing office was responsible for all material procurement, and $10K limit which required public solicitation, I could not find any record of such a small purchase ($16.50 ea x 115 = $1897.50) being advertised.  The bulk of construction materials obtained for canal construction was advertised in trade journals through public announcements-solicitations. I have several theories why these pistols were purchased but most likely; 1) They were used by 'gold' roll police officers to be carried in concealed fashion since their Colt Mdl 1895 revolvers were too cumbersome and could not be easily carried without a holster, 2) they were meant for use by canal pilots/pursers once canal was to open, 3) since gold officers often made arrests or were detailed to work during non-duty hours or plain clothes, they needed these weapons for personal protection, and 4) used for combination of plain clothes officers, canal pilots/pursers, and personal protection of senior canal commission staff.  I don't yet know if any other pistol still exist from these 115 Savages sold to the Army.  I suspect if one made it back to US, there has to be more of them. My other/next research direction is to find heir(s) of CPT Barber.  I know he had one son mentioned in his obituary.  Bill, thank you very much for helping me in this endeavor. Martin"        

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