Photo of the Week
December 18, 2011

As a continuation of last week's photos, "Early Gatun Buildings", here are two photos taken from down by the Gatun train station.  Last week I posted a view from the administration building looking down toward the train station area. Now the photographer is shooting at the opposite angle.  You cannot see the administration building but in the above and below scenes shows the grand concrete train station and commissary building.  The photo above is titled "Sightseers awaiting train" and then below, the sightseeing train arrives for loading.  

I don't know when the Gatun concrete train station building was demolished, but they sure built that as what appears to be a very permanent structure.  I used to catch the train in the early 70's to Gatun for work while I was still living on the Pacific Side and remember seeing what was left of the old concrete building by way of a large foundation.  The open air station was still there, but the old commissary was gone to and a parking area was were the foundation of where it stood was there.

Wonderful old photos from this collection.

More to come next week...

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