Photo of the Week
October 3,  2010 

The Photo of the Week for this week is a continuation from the 1939 vintage photo from the Arthur Morgan Service Album.

Two more great and rare photos taken at Albrook Field with a group of Martin B-10 Bombers with a mishap photo shown below.

The B-10 was the first "modern-day" all-metal monoplane bomber to be produced in quantity.  It  featured such innovations as internal bomb storage, retractable landing gear, a rotating gun turret, and enclosed cockpits. It was 50% faster than its contemporary biplane bombers and as fast as most of the fighters. When the Air Corps ordered 121 B-10s in the 1933-1936 period, it was the largest procurement of bomber aircraft since WW I.  

Thanks again or sharing this great piece of history here on CZ Images Ken.



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