Photo of the Week
June 2, 2012

Notes from the last two weeks of Photo of the Week:

It was brought to my attention that the Photo of the Week dated May 20, 2012 did not accurately reflect what was on the caption of the photo. Several CZ Images visitors wrote me and pointed certain inaccuracies with the photo.  The one that sold me was the horse drinking water out of the Port of Colon.  What horse would drink salt water?  I have decided that I will not archive this photo and eliminate it completely from the site. 

I am sorry about missing a posting for last week's photo.  My main modem supplied by my Internet Service Provider had issues and could not access my web hosting server.  This was fixed mid-week and felt I would just wait until today to post again.

This week, I am posting two more of Ron Armstrong's photos.  These are newer ones from 1914 that seem to be photos taken on the same day of the Culebra train station with the daily passenger train arriving (top photo).  The photo below is showing the passenger train at the station picking up the passengers.

As before...great captures in time.

Photo courtesy of Ron Armstrong, CZ Images contributor.  Thanks so much Ron.

Next week is another super photo from Ron's collection.

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