Photo of the Week
January 16, 2005 

     This week's photo is the first in a series of several really great paintings by William Harnden Foster.  The images came from a magazine article written and illustrated by William Harnden Foster, in 1910, titled THE CANAL BUILDERS There are also some great ink sketches done by Harnden that I will show as well.  All of it will be followed by an overall presentation of the photos with the article that goes with them.  The images and article were published in a Scribner's Magazine, in 1910. 
      This week's image caption read, "Some of the men from the west bank came sailing over in a cement-bucket, a hundred feet in the air."  
      Wow!!!  This is something! The expressions on the men's faces look like this is an everyday thing, which it probably was.  Early cable car? 
      What a great moment captured by the artist so that it could be preserved forever.

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