Photo of the Week
February 15, 2003

This week's photo is part two of last week's.  Last week we had the Gamboa Club House and this week the Gamboa Commissary.  This photo came as a set with the Club House photo and was probably taken by the same person and on the same day.  I am sure all of you former Gamboa residents remember shopping in this great old store.  I remember it only in the mid 1970's until it closed because of the treaty.  Note the glass display windows by the two entrance ways. In the mid '70's, these were gone and the upstairs section was closed.  The commissary just sold food items at this time.  You probably can't see what is in the glass display windows, but it is of a mannequin in a dress and other house hold items.  The upstairs section of the commissary sold clothing, shoes and house wares.  

The building still stands today.  The last I knew, it was used as a store house for Red Cross supplies.  The boom of the floating crane Hercules or Ajax is seen over the roof.  

I love the old car in the parking lot!  

Another great photo of our Canal Zone's past. 

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