Photo of the Week
September 24, 2017

Here is a grand old photo for this week's posting of the Canal Zone Postal Service, Panama Canal - 1909.  I found this photo some time ago and don't remember where, but it is in great shape.  It is surely a historic capture in time showing all the big shots in the postal service back in 1909.  The building appears to be what we Zonians all knew as the U.S. District Court house for the Canal Zone in Ancon.  It was the original Administration for Isthmian Canal Commission  when it was finished being built in 1908 until 1914 when the offices were moved to the new Administration in Balboa.  See more history and photos of this old building from my June 29, 2008 Photo of the Week by clicking here. The third paragraph under the second photo notes the Division of Posts were one of the first to move into this building.  As you will see in the 2008 posting, the building was gutted by fire in 2008.  I don't know what has become of the building today.

You will note that someone took the time to identify each person in the photo which is so valuable for study purposes.  One person that jumped out at me is #25 Gerald D. Bliss who became Post Master at Cristobal.  Bliss became famous when set up mail service to Pitcairn Islands in 1920.  This service was so significant that the Pitcairn Islands issued a stamp in honor the contributions of Gerald Bliss.  See article by the Canal Zone Study Group (Click Here). I am sure there are many other movers and shakers of the early Canal Zone postal service and government in this photo.

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