Photo of the Week
March 15, 2015

As promised, here are a couple of other photos that my dad took back in the early 1950's from Sosa Hill looking down on the town of Balboa.  I couldn't stitch these two together like last week's photo, but here they are in sequence as he took them.  The one above is a continuation of the left hand side of last week's photo and we will pan left to the next photo below.  The great thing about these two photos is the DC-3 coming in for a landing at Albrook Field.  He was following the plane in these two photos which is really neat.  The photo above captures the old Balboa Flats wooden housing nicely.  The photo below shows the Prado,
Administration Building, Balboa High School, Gym, Bowling Alley, Athletic Field and that same DC-3 coming in to land.  Great photos..!!

I left this photo rather large so you can see more detail.  It may take some time to load on slower Internet connections, but well worth it. 

What a wonderful old photo group and yet another great snapshot in time.  I am glad that I am able to share these photos that my dad took so long ago.

Long live our memories of our home.


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