Photo of the Week
April 29, 2012

We are done with French Dredge series for now.  We are shifting over to more of Ron's photos, which are from the French era as well, but will be of people and other equipment. 

The photo above is a hilarious one showing these guys all standing for the photo opportunity.  Just look at the umbrellas!  You see many umbrellas in these old photos but this is the best. Were the holding them in the same direction either by chance or just clowning around.  Even the guy in the background.  These guys are either French or Spanish workers from their looks. This photo is a cropped photo of the one below.  The scene looks like an equipment repair shop for these small steam cranes.  It appears that this shop is located on the Atlantic side as most of the cranes have Colon written their chaises.  This undated photo I would say was taken in the 1880's when the French company was still in business.  Another great capture in time.

Photo courtesy of Ron Armstrong, CZ Images contributor.  Thanks so much Ron.

Next week is another super photo from Ron's collection.


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