Photo of the Week
November 21, 2004  

This week's photo is an interesting one.  I acquired this photo a while back and was told it was the Rodman Chapel.  After studying the photo, I determined that this wasn't taken in Rodman.  I then went to my Coco Solo township map and reviewed the photo of the week from April 2001 which is an aerial of Coco Solo.  Also, there is the number 101 showing over the front door of the chapel which can be seen when viewed in a larger image.  Mystery solved!!!  This is in fact the old Coco Solo Chapel that was built by the Navy when Coco Solo was a Naval base.

When the town of Coco Solo was turned over to the Canal Zone Government, this chapel came with the real estate.

Now!  The most interesting thing about this chapel is......just last night, I had a conversation with a friend about the early days of Coco Solo.  My friend shared with me some interesting stories about this chapel in the early days of PCC Coco Solo.  He told me that since it was the only church in Coco Solo at the time,  it was a all denominational church.  He told me that it was very interesting on Sundays trying to get 5 different faiths in and out to hold services.

I find this whole thing such a coincidence after discussing this last night and finding this photo in my stack of "To be posted" photos.  I am sure you early Coco Solo residents will remember this chapel.

Long live the history of our Panama Canal Zone!

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