Photo of the Week
May 3, 2003

This week's photo is a really interesting one.  It is an official Panama Canal Photo taken September 13, 1924.  The subject matter is a rather large slide (25,000 cubic yards) of dirt and rock that slid off the west side of Sosa Hill.  The slide covered Roosevelt Avenue and into the old Panama Railroad shop area.  I never knew of any slides off of Sosa Hill.  I always thought of it as solid rock.  Sosa Hill went through some major changes in the early days of the Canal with blasting and sculpting during construction of the dry docks and surrounding areas.  This surely must have made the hill unstable which caused this slide.  

If you study the photo, you can see the Electrical Division Sub Station on the right.  The black electrical towers you see bring the electricity into the sub station.  These towers with their familiar shape connect to those towers along the Panama Railroad line.

To the far left, you can see the Port Captain's office building. 

Albrook field is still swamp land.

This is a classic photo for sure.  CZ Images contributor Nina Brown sent this one in.

Long live the memories of our Canal Zone home.

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