Photo of the Week
July 15, 1998

DryDock.JPG (21740 bytes)
Dredging Division Activities:   New equipment - Launching Oil Barge No.99 manufactured by the Mechanical Division for the Dredging Division with 250 - ton floating crane.  (Hercules or Ajax)     October 25, 1926.  This photo is from Herb Tabert's collection.  

The view is the Balboa Dry Dock with the Balboa Shops in the distance.  This is when the Panama Canal was in great glory.   These shops built tug boats, built the former Atlas Crane Boat and many floating equipment.  I had the opportunity to visit these shops as was truly amazed at the size of the equipment inside.  Most of this equipment was removed and the Balboa Shops as they were once no longer exists and never will again.  The Balboa Shops would make a great research project a book written about them.

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