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December 29, 2013

Here is another photo that amazes me as to how they did it back in the day.  

This photo was sent in by my good friend and long time CZ Images contributor Vicente Pascual.  Unfortunately Vicente doesn't have the original hard copy photo for a better scan, but is still a miraculous feat photo.  

Once the Amador Causeways were built out to the islands of Flamenco, Perico, Culebra and Noas, the first thing on the agenda was to build defense positions to guard the newly built Panama Canal.  Being 12,000 to 14,000 yards south of Miraflores Locks, the islands were well placed to engage a hostile naval force before it could come within range of the Panama Canal vital installations. At the summit of Flamenco Island, the most seaward of the group of islands was erected Battery Warren, named in honor of Maj. Gen. Gouverneur K Warren.  Battery Warren mounted two 14-inch rifles (Model 1910, M I) on disappearing carriages (DC Model 1907, M I).  With a traverse of 170 degree and range of approximately 24,000 yards, the tow 14-inch guns commanded the entire area of the seaward approach except for a small dead space behind Taboga Island.  Work was started to prepare the battery sites in early 1912 and the batteries were completed, with guns installed, by 1917. (Taken from World War I) Fortifications of the Panama Canal, Pamphlet 870-1)

This week's photo as I said is a good one showing the battery builders hauling up one of the 14-inch rifles up the side of Flamenco Island.  As I said the photo is the best resolution, but you can get the feel of what a feat this was!  The tracks have been laid up the side of the island and you can see the 14-rifle at the bottom of the incline getting ready to come up to the top.  How did they do it?  Amazingly they succeeded.  

You can see the punched holes on the right hand side of the photo that indicates it was in a photo album of some type.  As I told Vicente, wouldn't it be GREAT, if we could have the whole photo album.  This photo album must have been full of photos showing the construction of these batteries.  Back in the day, these photos would have been certainly guarded well as TOP SECRET material.  Maybe more photos from this album will show up one day.

Until next week, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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