Photo of the Week
June 17, 2001

This week's photos are a little treasure I found in my junk closet.  I had completely forgotten about these old photos that I got in the early '70s while working at Gatun Gym/Pool.  I don't remember exactly where I found them, but am glad I kept them. There are a couple more that I will share on a later date.  They are all in really bad shape, but show some very interesting things.  Today there is only a low diving board where the high board is, but...the really interesting things are ....What in the world is that large building across the road from the garage?  I am not sure the age of this photo, but this building and garage is not noted in my 1959 Canal Zone Phone Book maps.  The church off in the distance on the right is down in "New Town", which means "New Town" must be built at this time.  With this, I would surmise that the Third Locks Project is either in progress or is shortly after.

You can see the garage for the Building 217 Bachelor Quarters with the Building 215 Bachelor Quarters in the distance.  I lived in Building 215 in the early '70s and neither the garage or the building across the street was there.  The sign on the pool fence says, "Do Not Disturb Patching In Pool".  Hmmm....I guess they were having leaking problems..

I am sorry about the condition of these photos, but had to share them with all with hopes of getting a I.D. on the building across the street.  I cleaned them up to a certain point in Photo Shop, but that is as far as I can go. It is really too bad, as these two photos and the others are certainly priceless in their subject matter.

After publication comments:

Hi Bill-
    Great picture of the Gatun Swimming pool, where I spent many of hours ( some will say "mis-spent") catching the sun, and hopefully some girls.
     The building in the background was the of the many locations that they moved it to.  The Post Office was located across the street just below the bachelors quarters pretty close to the Masonic Hall.
     If I had to guess, this was done in the late 40's just after the war.  It was where everything was when I left in '52.  As I remember, the Commissary was closed and moved to Margarita after this location.
Thanks for the memories,

Keith Moumblow (Gatun, obviously)

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