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October 31, 1999

The Panama Canal Department, which included all military units on the Canal Zone, was formed in 1917.  It was commanded by a major general of the Untied States Army, with headquarters at Quarry Heights on the Pacific side.  The Panama  Canal Department, for military and administrative purposes, was divided into two sectors, the Atlantic Sector, with headquarters at Fort DeLesseps (Cristobal), and the Pacific Sector, with headquarters in Balboa.  Each of the two sectors was commanded by a general officer, and the military activities conducted by each sector were almost identical. 

The Army posts in the Atlantic Sector were: France Field, Fort Randolph, Fort William D. Davis. Fort Sherman and Fort DeLesseps.  The posts of the Pacific Sector were: Albrook Field, Fort Clayton, Fort Amador, the Post of Corozal, Fort Kobbe, and the Panama Air Depot (PAD).

Above is the image for this week.  It is one of the shoulder patches used by members of the Panama Canal Department.  This is a recent acquisition that I made and I plan to expand this short history narration above  in a future CZ Images presentation in the Military History Section.  Much more detail will be available in this presentation.  

Below, is another shoulder patch used by the Panama Canal Department during WWII.  This patch recently sold on eBay for a very good price.

More to come...

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