Photo of the Week
October 17, 1999

This week's image is a ticket to Morgan's Garden Fair.  I found this old ticket in some of my Mother's things.  I am so glad she saved it as it gave me a flash back to some really great memories today.  I remember these fairs with so many happy memories.  This was the big treat of the year for us kids.  Lots of games, activities and food.  I guess the favorite was the Old Mother Goose.  You would put a coin in the goose's mouth which was a sock with eyes painted on it and sticking out of a hole in the wall.  The puppet would go back into the whole and bring you back a prize.  I always liked getting the little pocket knives.  The dunk tank, or should I say pool was great too.  They set up a dunking contraption on the edge of Mrs. Morgan's pool.  The day was truly an adventure checking out all the nooks and crannies of the Morgan's Garden property, playing the games and eating a variety of food.  The Panama Railroad had special trains running all day long to bring folks from Balboa and Corozal.  This was one big community event.

I have reprinted an article on Morgan's Garden which is out of The Panama Canal Review.  Click here to read the article.

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