Photo of the Week
October 14, 2007 

This weeks photos are a real treat and evidence of a good find after a major salvage operation.  

On June 24 I posted a photo showing a project to remove old French construction equipment from and area near Diablo.  Then again, on August 4, I posted a photo showing some of the items removed on dry land.

This weeks photos are of a an old steam gauge that came off of one of those old French Ladder Dredges.  CZ Images contributor Doug Allen sent me these photos that were sent to him by one of the persons excavating the old equipment.  Here is the write-up from the finder:

"Here is a couple pics of a steam gauge I  found on one of the French Dredges, just before we finished.. It weighs about 10 lbs., and is  inscribed with "AMERICAN STEAM GAUGE CO.

Wow!!  What a wonderful find!  As I told Doug, we could have been diving on these old dredges for years and finding lots of great old stuff.  Well I am glad that some of the old historical relics were saved for preservation.  This is a wonderful old steam gauge from this historical era.

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