Photo of the Week
January 3, 2016

The photo above was sent to me recently which sparked an interesting study of "Then and Now"

Shown above is a 1897 photo of what would once be Culebra Cut.  This photo was taken during the French attempt to build the Panama Canal.  The village of Cucaracha is seen to the left nestled on the foot hill.  The old Panama Railroad line is seen running through the old village. We found some nice old bottle dumps in the vicinity of Cucaracha back in the day. 

Below are three photos taken pretty close in area and view to the photo above:

1. Photo from 1990's.  Very close to the same photo angle.  What a change.

2. Photo from sometime in early 2000's.

3. Photo from present time showing the new Centennial Bridge in place. The building of the Centennial Bridge on top of Cucaracha probably wasn't the best idea as this area was famous for land slides.  We will see how long it stands.  They already had difficulties a few years ago from heavy rain.  Can you imagine those who dug this Canal back in the early 1900's if they saw this now.






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