Photo of the Week
November 10, 2018

Today’s photo was sent in by CZ Images contributor Bill Fall back in June on Father’s Day.  We have had a  couple of group shots in the past two weeks and thought I would post this great shot.

Bill writes: "This photo shows a group of men working on the Thatcher Ferry ramp replacing the pilings.  My dad was the diver on this job, may have done some welding too.  He is on the left.  Ray Caldwell is next to him, Carl Hall, Mr. Laatz, and one of the  other two is Mr. Shannon.  Ray Caldwell’s wife was our playground teacher at the elementary school.  Picture probably taken in the late 40s, early 50s."

I think the guy on the right end is Humphrey Bogart.

Of course, the Thatcher Ferry slip and ramp are ancient history now but it is so nice to have this capture in time when these men and many like them kept our Canal running in good order.


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