Photo of the Week
February 3, 2002

Here is a great Zonian human interest story that I thought was well worth publishing.  I published a similar story about Cosman Price a while back and now here is another.  Sam McGuinness (in photo with Herbert brother) sent me this photo and the following:

"I visited my parents and my brother Bob in Panama during Thanksgiving week.  The day before leaving, I went to Diablo Clubhouse to see if I could find the Herbert brothers.  One of the brothers use to repair shoes in the back of the Diablo clubhouse and the other would shine shoes by the barber shop.  Well I found one of the brothers, the shoe shine guy in front of the clubhouse.  He told me that he had been shining "gringo" shoes for over 39 years and he thanks the "Americans" for providing him so many good years of steady income.  He related that his house is paid for and added, "he only pay light and wata!"  I took this picture of me an' 'im in front of the "Diablo Clubhouse" dem!"

   Thanks Sam for this heart warming little story....

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