Photo of the Week
April 1, 2012

I had planned on another photo this week, but Ron found another photo that was probably taken the same day as last week's photo.  This time, it is from the other direction showing  a rear view of the same dredges.  I am so excited about this as you rarely see actual photos of the French equipment of the time.  Unfortunately you can't zoom in like I can to the original high resolution photo and read the names on the back of each dredge's house, that I will call since I don't know what else the structure on each dredge is.  I am sure the structure was billeting, mess hall and office for each dredge.  I am not sure what each name means.  Is just a name they gave the dredge? or I think it may be the skipper's name.  As I zoomed in on the dredge tied up on the photo's left bank, I was floored.  The name on the back of the dredge is either H. H. Slaven or is it H. B. Slaven.  If you go back to the photo of the week from March 18th, I posted an engraving and Scientific American article about the Slaven brothers that were contracted by the French.  There is mentioned in this article a H. B. Slaven and M. A. Slaven.  I would like to think that this dredge with the name Slaven is in fact one of the Slaven brothers dredges.  Not sure, but all of these in the photo are probable of the Slaven bothers company.

This is just mouth watering stuff!!  I love it.

Below is a zoom-in crop of the name plate I am talking about.

Photo courtesy of Ron Armstrong, CZ Images contributor.  Thanks so much Ron.

Next week is another super photo.



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