Photo of the Week
July 29, 2007 

I have been wanting to post these photos for my photo of the week for some time now, but couldn't find the old black and white photo.  I came across it and here is a then and now of the old Cristobal Union Church in Colon.  I don't know the date of the black and white photo, but it is quite old and shows the old church in it's early days.  Below is a photo taken by CZ Images contributor Mauro Martinez in November of 2006.  The old building has stood it's ground all these years and looks pretty much the same.  I have seen or may have another image of the church when it had a large awning on front, but can't put my hand on it right now.  All you Cristobal Union Church attendees will enjoy these photos of the week.

The third photo down shows the builders corner stone which was also taken by Mauro.  It shows that the building was erected in the 1920's, but you cannot read the last number.

Thanks for these great photos Mauro.



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