Photo of the Week
August 11, 2019

This week we are finishing up with the Strangers' Club with these two super and historical aerial photos from the National Archives.  Top photo taken on February 7, 1928 and will give you an idea of where the Strangers' Club was.  I have a yellow arrow pointing to the building out over the water.  This is a really great photo showing New Cristobal, Colon, the piers and coal dock.  The cream on the cake here with this photo is the plane the second arrow is pointing.  According to the photo caption, this is Charles Lindbergh and his plane the Spirit of St. Louis flying over Colon when Lindbergh's epic first air mail flight from the U.S. to the Canal Zone.  He landed at France Field just after this photo was taken.

The photo below is another nice aerial from the National Archives taken on St. Patrick's Day 3-17-1927.  The Strangers' Club building is seen over the water with the yellow arrow pointing it out.  The other arrows are pointing out  Keystone LB-6 biplane bombers from the 25th Aero Squadron stationed at France Field.  The 25th was in Panama to defend the Panama Canal.

Note how nice Colon and the surrounding areas in both photos.



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