Photo of the Week
April 9. 2006 

     Here is a recent aerial photo taken by CZ Images contributor Mauro Martinez.  I found it to be very interesting as it shows a good portion of the Cristobal housing area along with the old Cristobal High School (now called Colegio Jose Guardia Vega).  You can still see the distinct Panama Canal type housing still standing.  This area is on the right hand side of the photo from the center.  Look at the high-rise building to the right of the photo and then directly up a little.  You see a cream colored building next to a tall palm. This is the old Cristobal Union Church.  Of course, the high school is evident across the street to the left of that same high-rise building.  In the distance, you can see all terminals area.
      What a great photo!  Thanks Mauro...

Post note from Bob Smith: In the areal view of Colon, the immediate area behind the high school held some long buildings and war supplies such as bandages etc were made there. There was also an almond tree beside those buildings. The play shed was one of those three buildings closest to the water behind the school. There was also a barracks down there and a little theatre. The barracks buildings appear to be there but the Little Theatre which was actually the Scout Building is gone.



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