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July 16, 2023

I am going to start a series of photos that CZImages Lance Terrell recently sent me.  Lance sent some photos for identification a few years ago.  I thought I had posted them at the time, but for some reason I did not.  Anyway, Lance went on a photo adventure in April of 1967 to take as many photos he could before the American Canal Zone disappeared.  Lance has sent me his whole photo collection with descriptions for each photo.  It is quite an extensive collection and truly and labor of love for Lance.

This week's photo is a fantastic capture in time.  Some may remember the old stilt houses in Ancon, on the side of the hill facing Panama City and what would become 4th of July Ave.  My wife actually lived in one of these houses with her mother and younger brothers at one time.  The photo above is one of this houses, built on stilts.  As Lance explains in his discription, " This old house, built in a precarious position on the southeast slope of Ancon Hill, is the last survivor of a group of about four or five identical sister quarters that were built by the French in 1907 along what later became Balboa Road/Fourth of July Ave.  The stone wall at the bottom indicates where the slop was cut back to accommodate the new road.  On top of the roof is a square raised section that may be vent.  The bladk stilts supporting the house appear to be coated with creosote to prevent, rot as were many of the older wooden quarters in the Zone.  For some unknown reason, this house is not shown on the CZ townsite map for which it is located; it may not even be occupied. LT"

Thank you for sharing your photos Lance and what great foresight taking all these photos before the end.


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