Photo of the Week
January 10, 2021

This week we are going to have a wonderful photo of Gatun Spillway.  I posted this photo back in 2002, but was a small format photo that I had at the time that CZ Images contributor Ken Tuley sent me.  The photo was in a collection of photos that belonged to his paternal grandfather Willard Parker Tuley.  I have loved this photo for all the years since I first laid eyes on it.  I love photos of people back in the construction days of the Canal.  Here is a large group of no doubt construction workers and families enjoying the fruits of their labor which is the Gatun Spillway.  Back in the early 1970s when I lived in Gatun, we used to fish this spillway apron as well.  Can you imagine how many people fished here and how many fish were caught through through the years.  These folks are all probably members of the Tarpon Club up the stairs and on the hill next to the spillway.  Big fish fries were held at the Tarpon Club after days like this.  Now Panama has built a bridge right over this area and the nostalgia of this history is not the same anymore.  The Tarpon Club is long gone and outings like this don't happen anymore.  But...because of photos like this....the memories will last.  Thanks Ken for sharing your grandfather's photos on CZ Images and donating them to the Panama Canal Museum at UF.  They will be preserved so those memories a guaranteed to last.

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