Photo of the Week
March 19. 2006 

     As a follow up to last week's photo, one of the buildings in the photo has been identified.   The large long two story building is actually the first Balboa Union Church.  The above photo shows a great view of the building.  This photo was taken in 1916, which is  earlier than last week's photo.  The sign on the porch railing states: Balboa Union Church - Sunday School (with time).  The rest of the sign is a listing of departments and more times.  At first I thought this photo may have been taken on Sunday, but I thought differently when I zoomed in to the rear of the church.  Behind the church are workers that appear to be in the process of building the first wooden housing in the flats.  The large wall looking structure on the hill in the distance is the Ancon Quarry.  This is a scan of a  Panama Canal Graphics Branch photo.

What a great photo!

Long live the memories and history of the Canal Zone's golden days.

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