Photo of the Week
August 21, 2016

As a follow up from last week's photo of the week, CZ Images contributor Bill Fall has come through with flying colors.   Bill took these two photos on one of his recent trips to Panama.  When the Panama Railway Company put in the new line, they built a new passenger terminal next to the old Cristobal (PRR) round house which is now deserted.  Bill noted that the old Panama Railroad Monument is across the street from this new railroad station in a triangle located in the middle of the roads going into Colon.  The old monument still looks good for being +/- 150 years.  It is good to see that this historical old monument is still taken care of.  I just hope no one runs into it with a vehicle as it is so close to the road.  Below is a screen capture off of Google Maps to give you an idea were the monument stands today.

Thank you always Bill for your outstanding contributions to the website.


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