Photo of the Week
September 10, 2017

We have another historic moment photograph again this week.  This photo was sent in by CZ Images contributor Peggy Huff.  This photo was taken at Pedro Miguel Locks in 1953 of the Royal Yacht Britannia.  On board was the newly Queen Elizabeth II on a commonwealth tour.  I posted another Queen Elisabeth II photo back in October 2010 taken during this same visit (Click Here).

The funny thing about this photo is what Peggy mentioned about this photo:

"Someone took a photo of my grandfather on the wall in Pedro Miguel locks.  He liked to tell the story about seeing the Queen "in her royal underwear."  As the yacht was rising in the chamber he came face-to-face with her lady-in-waiting. Behind her was Queen Elizabeth, in her slip - if there was anything else to describe, he didn't say.  The lady-in-waiting quickly drew the curtain!"

Thank you for sending in this great photo and story Peggy.

We are just waiting for Irma at this point today.  Please Lord protect all in it's path.


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