Photo of the Week
May 24,  2009 

As promised, another great photo of people.  This photo was once again taken at the construction town of Gorgona.  This area was what I think could be the back island of Gorgona.  There was a main street that ran up the middle of the island and eventually connected to the road that went  to Panama City over the Mandinga Bridge.  I remember seeing the type of drainage ditch on that island.  The curious thing about this photo is the road.  It appears to be made of wooden planks.  What is seen in the photo may not be the road, but a sidewalk made of wood.  The people in this photo are at leaser just sitting under this tree having a relaxing afternoon which was more than likely a day off like Sunday.  They are all dressed in clean clothes and looking their Sunday best.  The guy on the far right has some thick leather gloves on.  Not sure why, as they must have been very hot!  These are the men that built the Panama Canal.

Another great historical capture in time.  Another one next week.

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