Photo of the Week
December 1,  2002

    This week's image is something that recently caught my attention.  It is very interesting how close the Panama Canal was to being attacked by the Japanese.  December 7, 2003 will be the 51st anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan. 

I provide this mini history presentation in memory of those that gave their lives in the war against Japan.

The Aichi M6A1 Seiran airplane was Japan's answer to stealth attack on key United States locations, one of which was the Panama Canal.  The Seiran was designed to be carried on a I-400 Class Japanese submarine.  The I-400 was the largest of WWII Japanese submarines at 400 ft. long.  The Seiran had the distinction of being the only sub-borne aircraft built with offensive missions as primary role. (Click Here for more photos and information) 

Another great piece of our Canal Zone and United States history.

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