Photo of the Week
June 4, 2017

Another photo this week from the stack of 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch old black and white photos that I had purchased years ago.  This one caught my eye at first that it was the old Ancon Clubhouse, but after further research and photo comparisons, I found that this building was part of the Canal Zone Bus Service, Inc.  I found the building's foot print in a 1959 Canal Zone phone book's map.  It shows this building as building 399 on the map and within the phone book it is called Canal Zone Bus Service, Inc., Pacific Service Center.  This building was located down the hill from the front of the Tivoli Hotel in the area that was know as Shaler Triangle which was within the Canal Zone boundaries.  I have never heard of this building or the CZ Bus Service until now.  If you look closely, on the porch are a of the build above, you can see a couple of Tubas and other band members sitting.  There is no notation of this photo, but it must have been an holiday or special occasion to have the band playing.  Looks like a military band.  Since this building was still seen on the 1959 phone book, we know it was still in existence then.  If anyone has further information, please let me know.


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