Photo of the Week
July 24, 2011

More great photos from the Fred and Lilian Ramsey collection that was sent to me by Richard Crowe who is Fred Ramsey's Great Nephew. 

This week's photo series is from a group of six photos taken on an outing that Fred, Lilian and friends took in what was left of the French attempt to dig Culebra Cut. Remember, these photos were taken (in 1905ish) before the American construction actually began.  Remnants of old French equipment are seen in these photos.  These captures in time are very special as many never saw what the aftermath of the French exodus looked like. This equipment has been sitting there for many years and most of it was worthless to put back in operation.

The photos above and below are that of some type of touring track vehicle that the Ramsey's took to see what the bottom of the future Culebra Cut looked like back then.  You can see the old shovels, dump cars and other equipment abandoned along the track route.  It appears that Fred and Lilian invited a female friend along on this tour.  There are not notes as to who she was.  The others in the photos appear to be workers of some sort.  Fred seemed to have a passion for having his photo taken standing sideways.  Interesting!

I will post the other photos from this tour set next week.  And as I always say...."This is some really Great Stuff".

Many more great photos coming in the weeks ahead.





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