Photo of the Week
May 10,  2009 

This week's photo is following suit of the past few weeks of photos showing people.  As many of you regular visitors know, I love the old photos showing people of the construction era of the Canal.  This week's photo is from the same collection I recently obtained and appears to be a crew of West Indian laborers sitting on what I think is a steam crane. The photo was probably taken at the Gorgona Shops as many of the photos that were part of this section of the collection were taken in Gorgona. There a couple of U.S. rate shown at the top of the photo.  An interesting part of this photo is the guy in the back row 4th from the left. Note the white spot on the front of his pants.  At first I thought it was a white spot, but when I zoomed in I saw that it was one of the brass diamond shaped employee ID tags.  He has it tied to his belt.

I have several more people photos that I will be showing then weeks to come.  Very interesting stuff.

Right after posting this photo, CZ Images contributor Bill Fall wrote me an email.  He looked the C32 up in a book about Panama Canal equipment.  Here is what he found:

"The C32 looks like a 100-ton Bucyrus Wrecking Crane, Class 32. It was purchased Jan 11, 1905 and cost $14,985. It was a Non-propelling wrecking crane."

Thanks for the comments Bill


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