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April 21, 2002 color here, but this classic car is the old Canal Zone Police "Emerald Green", also known as the "Green Hornet". The officer standing by the "Green Hornet" is officer William "Bill" Kessler who will eventually be Chief of Police. Sorry that the photo is a bit washed, but it is the best I can do with the copy I have.  This actually is a really great photo showing the super fine police car, and in the background you can see the the old Balboa Police Station (Former Balboa Restaurant) that burned to the ground during Operaton Just Cause.  In the far background of the photo, you can see the old Court House.  Note the PCC official sticker emblem on the side of the door.  It is of a very small size. Under it the wording reads, "Canal Zone Government"  This is a REAL classic.  The rear hood fins on the rear are great!!!

These photos are the fourth of a bi-weekly salute to the Canal Zone Police until the 2002 Panama Canal Society Reunion.  This year,  both the Panama Canal Society and Panama Canal Museum will be having activities in honor of these great men and women at the 2002 Reunion.

Now....look below and see the old "Black and White" most of us Baby Boomers knew.  Officer Robert (Bud) Mills is shown in the photo.

Long live the memories of the Canal Zone!

These photos were scanned from the program booklet of the Canal Zone Police Association Farewell Ball held at Albrook Officers Club, February 6, 1982.


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