Photo of the Week
February 23, 2003

This week's photo is a wonderful old photo taken in late 1919 or early 1920.  Canal Zone Images contributor Ted Bailey recently purchased a wonderful old photo album from March 1920.  There are some really great photos in this old album which I plan to scan and make a mini presentation in the near future.

This photo is a classic!!  It is taken from a North bound ship as it passed Fort Amador.  In this photo, you can see our beloved Balboa Yacht Club which was called the Pacific Sailfish Club when this photo was taken.  The building is probably brand new at this time.  You can see the concrete barracks and headquarters building that stood up until the turn over in 1999.  There are some other miscellaneous large wooden buildings that I am not sure of.  The Yacht Club dock looks pretty much as it does today. You can see the old radio towers in the area where the 15th Naval District was in more modern times.  Grand old Ancon hill stands tall in the background.

Stay tuned for more of this album's photos in the future.

Another great photo of our Canal Zone's past. 

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