Photo of the Week
September 10, 2023

I spent two days this past week cleaning out a closet that I have much of my collection of Canal Zone "stuff" in.  I found this sheet of paper which had some notes from what appears to be a history class that I must have been taking at Canal Zone College.  It almost got pitched until I unfolded it and flipped it over.  To my surprise, here is an old flyer from the "PUB", our old hang out.  The flyer isn't in the best of shape, but I am so pleased to see that this piece of Canal Zone history has survived all these years.  No year is marked on the flyer, but I was attending Canal Zone College in 1971 and 1972 and with my class notes on the reverse of the flyer, I would say the flyer is from that time frame.  The write up at the top of the page is priceless.  What an array of crappy beer.  They did have Cerveza Panama and am not sure why it isn't listed.  US beer through the years in the Canal Zone was spoiled been and tasted terrible.  After sitting in a shipping container and for how long and in the heat,  I would drink my Panama Beer anytime over the US beer.  Note the absence of a magic marker and the scribble letters.

Now to put the icing on the cake, below are scans of my 1972 - 1973 membership card, front and back.

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