Photo of the Week
August 30, 2015

This week's photos are  scans of some old 35mm slides that I took back in 1978.  I was digging through a box of slides that I came across and found these.  I was fascinated with the old steam dredge U.S. Cascadas and loved to watch it in action.  I took these photos near Gamboa by the Gamboa Penitentiary.   The old Cascadas was one of three Bucyrus built dredges and were delivered to the ICC back during the Canal Construction Days to finish the Canal after it was flooded.  The other dredges were the Gamboa and Paraiso.  They got sold off and only the Cascadas remained in service.  When the PCC bought the Rialto Christensen dredge, the Cascadas was slowly phased out and sold.  These old Bucyrus dredges were certainly work horses and their track record proved that.  Above is a close up I took  with a telephoto lens to capture the ;bucket's action bringing a load of dirt and rock over to the scow (barge).  I loved seeing that steam pumping out, just like it did back in the construction days. 

Below are two more photos taken the same day.

These photos were history in modern times and now history gone.



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