Photo of the Week
June 1, 2014

Some time ago (click here), I was posting some great old photos in Curundu and didn't have one of the Curundu Theater at the time.  Well I found one in a photo collection that was sent to me by an heir of Harry Franklin Sleighter who was employed a the Panama Air Depot as an Senior Aircraft Inspector from July 1942 - December 1944.  Although I had looked through the album which was sent to me in 2010, I never noticed this photo.  This is the newly built theater.  I remember this theater well.  I watched the Beatles Yellow Submarine in this theater when the movie came out.

Someone wrote me when I was posting the Curundu photos in the past as to if I had a photo of the theater.  If you are still visiting CZ Images, here it is.

I am going to post some more photos from this collection in the next couple of weeks.

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