Photo of the Week
October 12, 2014

This week's photo is another scan out of the same 35mm slide presentation that I mentioned last week, I leaped for joy when I scanned and realized what this photo was of.  Here is a real capture in time of that portion of Gatun called what people referred to as New Town (I am not sure why).  Well these houses are all gone now and all this ground has been excavated for the new locks (see clip below). I forget where I obtained the photo below, but is a dramatic view of what happened to a town where many grew up and lived happy lives.  Progress!!  The photo clip below is eerie as it looks like the earth is bleeding which is of course red clay.  You can get your bearings by using the swimming pool and gym as a reference.  Wow!!  I am so happy that the photo above exists for the memories.

More from this slide presentation next week.


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