Photo of the Week
May 1, 2016

Another detour this week from the scouting photos as Bill Fall sent me this really great photo that he just took a couple of days ago.  Two weeks ago I posted a photo of the start of removing this dike which severed the land of Gatun from the mainland. Well here is he progress which seems to be slow, but there is much solid rock in this area as seen in other ACP photos when they first started letting water into the new locks.  This is curious as a suction dredge doesn't normally remove rock but mud and dirt.  I am not sure of the whole story here pertaining to rocks.  Maybe the earlier photos of letting in water were deceiving.   Anyway I asked Bill about this dredge and he told me that ACP purchased this dredge a few years ago and is a Suction Cutter Head Dredge by the name of Quiban I.  He said that the dredge has been working on this dike for the better part of a month.  Traffic is still using the upper lock gate to get to and from Gatun.

Thank you Bill for another wonderful photo.

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