Photo of the Week
November 12, 2023

For this Veteran's Day weekend, I dug out an old photo of my Dad's platoon taken at Parris Island before heading to the South Pacific to fight.  Dad is the seventh from the left, back row.  It is quite possible that many of these guys didn't make it back home.  If you have watched the series "The Pacific" on NetFlix, these were some of those Marines fighting in that movie, but these are the guys in real life.  Most if not all these guys ended up in the First Marine Division along with Dad.  Guadalcanal and Peleliu were some of the tough fights in the South Pacific and these guys were there.  The Japanese had a hold on the Soloman Islands and it was up to the Marines to take these islands from them.  Pretty bloody and hard fighting.  Well, of course my Dad made it home or I nor my brother wouldn't be here.  Dad like most guys that went through hell in the war, didn't say much about it.

Below is a close up photo of my Dad in the middle rear and some of his buddies on a bivouac.  He wrote that on the back of the photo.  These guys were so young when they went to war and that is why we salute them and all our Veterans today and everyday.  Dad made it to the rank of Command Sgt. Major.  I still have his uniforms and awards.  My brother and I had good Marine Corp haircuts when we were young.

My brother is back in the hospital after a successful quad bypass.  He is retaining fluid and the doctors have him under observation and trying to get rid of the fluid.  Please say prayers for Barry.  He has been through too much and it is enough already.  He is a strong man, like our Dad was.

Also, check out the photo of the week from last week the mystery of the old building is solved.



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