Photo of the Week
August 8, 1999

One of many Barrage Balloons used in the defense of the Panama Canal during World War II.  This painting shows soldiers preparing one for launch.  This scene could have been in any area along the Panama Canal, but most likely near one of the Locks. Barrage Balloon - Oil by Alexander Brook, 1943.

Another oil painting done by Alexander Brook in 1943.  This one shows the Barrage Balloons hovering above and around the Pedro Miguel Locks.  What a site this must have been.

The above two images were scanned from a book titled "Soldiering In Panama", by Dolores De Mena, Command Historian, Headquarters, United States Army South, Fort Clayton, Panama, December 1997.  Copies of these books were given to attendees at United States Southern Command's closing ceremonies at Ft. Clayton on Friday 7/30/99. 

 I was very fortunate that a friend sent me a copy for my collection.  There are many wonderful old paintings and  drawings from the Canal Construction Era to the present days.  I will be posting more of these images in upcoming presentations about the military in Panama here on the CZ Images web site.

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