Photo of the Week
September 6, 2015

Like last week, this week's photo is a scan from another old 35mm slide.  In the early 80's, I had the good fortune to transit the Canal from Gamboa to Rodman on the Panama Canal Dredging Division's Crane Hercules.  The best part of this transit was we were up in the boom at the top all the way.  Considering my uneasiness of heights today, this was quite a experience.  We started out in the dark of early morning and by the time we were in the Culebra Cut, it was getting daylight.  I had two cameras with me, but many photos did not come out so good on one camera.  Anyway, I found a few of the good ones and wanted to share a few in the next couple of weeks.  Today's photo is after we departed the Hercules via PCC launch to head home.  The mission of the Hercules was a contract job by the U.S. Navy to repair something that had gone bad with the destroyer USS O'Bannon (DD-987).  It was kind of a secret thing so I didn't know exactly what was going on.  Since they needed the Hercules, it had to be lifting something very heavy.  This photo I took is a wonderful capture in time when the Hercules was still in her glory.  The Hercules is now gone and replaced by the Crane Titan.  My brother was the Chief Engineer (Steam) on the Hercules for many years and enjoyed working on this work of German engineering genius.  I toured the engine room one day and was amazed at how spotless and polished everything was. 


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